Thursday September 25, 2014

I accomplished a lot today. I cut and sewed the bindings for the two quilts I’ve been working on and then bound both of them, working around my tutoring. I had a box already for shipping them and I was able to get them out via priority mail this afternoon. I hope my grand-nieces will enjoy them. I tutored four students today as well, so it has been a busy end to my work week. This weekend I’m really hoping to get some major work done on my own bed quilt–the one I started in the summer using appliqué. Oliver is doing really well wearing his ThunderShirt, and the green one arrived today. I’ve tried a little of the massage with him, and the peanut butter in a tube is a big success. When he growled at Chauncey, I gave him a lick and soon the growling stopped. I’m in the process of setting up more appointments with my behavior consultant and I’ll be learning a lot more about Tellington T Touch–that is the massage technique.

cutting and sewing
binding for two quilts
heading now to Florida
my sister sends
a beautiful card