Thursday October 2, 2014

My work week is over, and I’m glad only because I’m really tired. Remind me not to do so much on the weekend! The five hours of quilting on Saturday and seven more on Sunday did result in the completion of my new bed quilt which I’m really enjoying, but I’ve been dragging all week as a result. I need to remember to do better with pacing myself. Today was busy but it all worked out. I had a student to tutor at 10 and then my dog trainer came for our first session at 11. Oliver did really well, she said, and I now have some boards to lay out as a maze, and a small platform for him to stand on (only 1″ high), and then three materials each with a different texture for him to walk over. He did everything really well by the end of the hour, as long as he couldn’t see the trainer. Oliver and I will work together this weekend and practice everything from today and maybe switch things around a bit. The whole idea is to help him gain confidence and awareness. After that I went over to Minglement to pick up my buyer’s club order of seven cases of edamame and 3 cases of vegan nuggets. That will keep me in lunches and dinners for over two months. I got back with just enough time to get everything into the freezer and have my lunch. Then I had two more students (the third cancelled), so I’m tired and ready to call it a day, but I’m pleased with how everything went. I’ve also approved the interior proof of my next novel so I only have the final complete proof to go before the novel is published!

learning to lead
my dog through a maze
the interior proof
of my next novel