Saturday October 4, 2014

I’m not quite sure where the day went as it is now 7:30PM and we have yet to do dinner, but I did get a lot done and had fun doing it. I wrote a new post on my Random Thoughts blog–first in a year! I couldn’t believe that. Then I finished up the online poetry class I’ve been taking. I started cutting fabric for a quilt for a friend, and then had a vet visit. As Dr. Nell was leaving I spotted an adorable tree frog on a branch. I took her photo and you can find it with the haiku on my haiku blog. In between all that Oliver and I did his training with the maze, platform, and different textures. We actually managed to do it twice! And then I worked on my puzzle until I suddenly noticed it was very dark outside. Still, it has been a very nice day.

cutting fabric
for a new quilt
writing two poems
to finish
my poetry class