Tuesday October 7, 2014

A friend came over this morning to lay out all the pieces I had cut for her quilt. I wanted her to have the chance to make this just the way she wants as it is a new beginnings quilt. While she was working with large squares, small squares, and rectangles, I was tutoring a student in geometry, which seemed fitting. Then I took a photo of her layout and also made notes on paper as this is a bit more complicated a pattern, at least the way we’re doing it. I hope to start sewing the squares together this week–there are twenty of them, each composed of an 8″ square, three 4″ squares, and one 4×8 rectangle. When sewn together they will make 12″ squares. These in turn will be combined into five rows each with four squares. And finally there will be a narrow 2″ border and a wider 6″ border. I think it will be lovely when it is completed, and I think I might just adapt this pattern for some of my lap quilts.

math students
a friend
lays out the pieces
for her quilt