Friday October 17, 2014

I started the day with an appointment with Oliver’s dog trainer and Oliver did really well. She was surprised at how well he did after last week, but I’m not using the harness leash with him. I use just his regular leash and Oliver performed like a real champ! I was so proud of him. The trainer also gave him a good massage and got him to relax all his normally tense muscles, so it was a great session. Then I went to my weekly therapy appointment, followed by my hair cut and color, so it’s been a really busy day. I did get the border done on my new puzzle, but then the cats slide it onto the floor when I wasn’t looking (the plexiglass slid on the table) and now I’m missing a sizeable bit on one corner. I have no idea what could have happened to that many pieces, but if they don’t show up by morning, I’ll change puzzles.

a day
filled with
spotting a doe
and her fawn

4 thoughts on “Friday October 17, 2014

  1. Oh, my – all those pieces! And I am sure your cats are smarter than the yard squirrels.
    Hope the pieces just got pushed under the couch or something – careful when you vacuum πŸ™‚

  2. I got lucky, Jules. Oliver, one of my dogs, had carried a strip of nine pieces back to my bedroom and I found them there, only slightly chewed, but really not damaged significantly. And so the puzzle continues! πŸ™‚

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