Saturday October 18, 2014

I spent most of the day working on a quilt, after first putting a new post on my Random Thoughts blog. I sewed the back, and then pinned the quilt together. I quilted the quilt, squared it, and bound it. It is now finished and I’ll be giving it to my friend tomorrow. Today was my first full day with my new fitbit bracelet and I’ve found out that just doing things around the house I walked 4410 steps for 1.87 miles. The bracelet also monitors my sleep and last night I was in bed for 9 hours and 7 minutes, with 8 hours, 37 mins. of actual sleep. I was awake twice, for 9 min. total and I was restless 4 times for another 13 min. For a geek like me who loves numbers, this is all fascinating. I took Oliver out to the front yard to do our maze training using our brightly colored cones and then I worked on my puzzle. It turns out that Oliver had grabbed a strip with nine puzzle pieces last night when the plexiglass slide (I forgot to clamp it) and he’d taken them back into my bedroom but didn’t really damage them at all–just put a few tooth marks in a couple of them. So I’m back to working the puzzle again and I will try not to forget to clip the two layers of plexiglass!

sewing a back,
pinning, quilting
squaring, and binding
a finished quilt
for a friend