Monday October 20, 2014

I had my phone consultation with my animal communicator and she was really helpful. She says that Oliver is afraid that he’ll have to move again. He’s had so many different homes that he can’t believe this is his forever home. There were a number of other things, but now I know what to work on. Oliver’s been uncertain about the work we’ve been doing with Suzi, but he now understands that this is all to help him move forward and be happy, leaving the past behind him. It was a really interesting conversation. After that, I took the dogs to the groomers and then started cutting out fabric for my sister’s quilt. I spent the remainder of the afternoon on my puzzle, with a brief break to bring the dogs back home. Oliver and I didn’t do his groundwork today because I felt he’d had enough with the trip to the groomers.

another quilt
cutting fabric
the dogs
at the groomer

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