Wednesday October 22, 2014

I only had one student today after a second cancelled and a third decided to take a week off between pre-calculus, which she completed last week and calculus, which she’ll start next week. But it worked out because my one student needed nearly two hours to complete her work and a test. Then I headed out to the post office to mail out copies of my latest novel to family and friends. I had time after that to stop in at Island Quilter (best quilt shop anywhere in my opinion) and look at the current exhibit of collage quilting. I really want to try that out! It looks cool! Then I taught my bridge class and came home to work my puzzle. I did jog around the house this morning and I have for two days in a row to manage more than 10,000 steps. At the moment I’m at 11,424 steps for 5.31 miles! Not sure how long I’ll manage all this. It feels good to be exercising, but now my feet, which are never good, really ache. Life’s always a trade, isn’t it.

mailing out
copies of my novel
the quilt exhibit
at Island Quilter

3 thoughts on “Wednesday October 22, 2014

  1. Thanks so much, Lydia. They sure do list a variety of activities. Wish they listed quilting and writing! Even reading! I’m sure they take energy. I had a shirt that said “quilting is aerobic exercise!”

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