Friday October 24, 2014

Leigh started the actual construction on my new shower base so starting tomorrow I’ll be “showering” in the kitchen sink until it is done. And yes, I do have a lovely indoor shower, but it’s never been used and I am not getting it dirty for the sake of a few days or even a couple weeks. I did my half hour of jogging/fast walking and had a new high for me, averaging 6 miles/hr for the 30 min. I do feel better and my feet will just have to cope. My osteopath thinks what I’m doing is wonderful and suggested a few minor tweaks. Today was also a vet visit day and poor Chauncey has another itchy skin problem, so I’ll get to medicate that for five days. Thackeray’s eye will need drops twice/day for two weeks, and Oliver also has a bad eye that will need drops for five days. Once that was all done, I changed out all the light bulbs in my track lighting, taking out the halogen ones and replacing with LED’s. I’m thrilled with the results! I really didn’t use my track lighting much because 26 bulbs, each 50 watts, really heated up the room (not to mention what it does to the electric bill). The new lights are only 9.5 watts! So I can use them whenever I want without worrying about either excessive heat or a high bill. I had to figure a lot of things out as far as taking out a fixture, loosening some screws, removing the old bulb, putting in the new, tightening it all up and then repositioning it all, so I’m very proud of myself for my efforts and my new learned skill! But I probably would have done well not to try doing it all in one day, especially since I couldn’t start until 5PM. However, once the ladder was out, I didn’t want to stop and now my weekend is free!

construction on
the new shower base
a day filled with
and chores