Sunday October 26, 2014

I jogged for my entire exercise time today, 30 minutes, but I’m wondering if that was a good plan as my left knee is very painful. Anyway, I then rearranged my living room so that I now have a straight run/walk from one end of the house to the other. I like the new arrangement for other reasons as well, including being able to see out my front window from my puzzle/tutoring table. After that I sewed the nine patch and rail squares for my sister’s quilt, so I now have all the squares ready to lay out. I hope to do that tomorrow and maybe get a good start on sewing the top. A friend came over this afternoon to watch John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. She doesn’t have HBO so I record it and we can watch it together. We had a horrible wind storm last night and I have debris everywhere. Oliver and I cleaned up some of the driveway this afternoon when I took him out for our special time with the cones. He did really well and then he wanted to go for a walk up the street which he’s never been willing to do. We just went as far as my next door neighbor’s and Oliver made sure I was always on the street side, but he was really happy to explore. Time now to call it a day.

the living room
a longer jogging run
watching a show
with a friend

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