Monday October 27, 2014

I laid out all the squares for my next quilt and I’ve started sewing them into rows. Oliver and I did his walking in and out of cones and then we walked out along the street going past two houses, crossing the street, back again, and crossing the street once again. Oliver would never do any of that before, so I’m very proud of him. He still growls occasionally, but I think it is better. After all that I went out to lunch with Anja and we had a lovely time. I also picked up five new bolts of fabrics: two with penguins, two with fabulous dragons, and one space/planet print. I came home and worked on my puzzle. I am trying to keep moving as that’s what my osteopath urged, and I did get my 5 miles and over 10,000 steps, but both knees are very sore. I have a knee wrap on the worst one, which helps some, although it tends to slide down when I jog or walk quickly. Leigh started pouring the concrete for my new shower base. Once this part dries, she’ll do the blue sloped part. I’m eager to see how wonderful it is. Down the road we can tile it if I decide I’d like that better.

piecing a quilt
catching up
with a friend
over lunch
new dragon fabric