Tuesday October 28, 2014

I tutored two students, a third cancelled late, and a fourth never showed. I put my extra time to good use, writing a book review and putting in more LED lights. By tomorrow I hope to have all the lights in the house replaced with LED bulbs. Both my knees are really sore now. I have a velcro wrap for one and another wrap will be delivered tomorrow. I also e-mailed my osteopath to see if she could see me for an extra appointment. With all the pain I have, I’ve never had knee pain and I don’t like it. But I’m not letting that stop me (slow me down maybe), and I got another 5 miles with over 10,000 steps. I got another badge today, for 50 miles! That sounds like such a long distance! I took Oliver for another short walk (he would have liked a longer walk but I didn’t think my knees would take that) and he did really well again. I’m so proud of him.

a student
with the metric system
laughing together
as we measure bugs

2 thoughts on “Tuesday October 28, 2014

  1. She wants me to cut back on my aerobic walking and I have to agree. I did 10 min. instead of 30. She suspects that my knees are badly inflamed from doing too much too fast. I do have to keep walking as the knees really hurt if I sit to long, and she also suggested ice. Time will tell, I guess.

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