Wednesday October 29, 2014

Two students cancelled so I only had one to tutor. And I didn’t have my bridge class to teach as this is my week off so the students can play a game. That gave me time to finish the quilt top I’m making. I’ve iced my inflamed knees twice, although I don’t know that it helps. My osteopath recommended cutting back on my walking, which I’ve tried to do. However, if I sit for very long, the knees stiffen and get worse, so I’m still walking, but for shorter times and I’m definitely not jogging or moving very fast. I did take Oliver for his walk and we went farther still. There aren’t any blocks so it’s hard to say how far, but my knees were very sore by the time we got home so I suspect it was farther than I should have gone and it wasn’t as far as Oliver wanted to go. I guess it was a compromise. I have walked over 10,000 steps and I got credit for 41 active minutes (done in much smaller batches), but I doubt that I’ll make my third goal of 5 miles as I am currently at 4.35 miles and definitely worn out.

the dog
for a walk
he no longer fears
going out the gate

2 thoughts on “Wednesday October 29, 2014

  1. Did your osteopath say anything about stretching after your walks? I know I find it helpful, but I can’t say if it would be good for you. Either way, I hope your legs feel better soon. They sound so sore. 😦

  2. Yes, she has told me about stretching which I’m doing. The reality is that with my usual enthusiasm I did too much too fast and now I seem very unwilling to stop. I love the feel of the exercise, something I never thought I’d say, and I thought my knees were slightly better this morning, so I kept on, and now I’m not so sure. Once I get moving they’re not too bad, but the start up is very painful. Argh! I did get all my numbers today, though. I do notice that I’ve slowed as it takes me twice as long to get the same number of steps, so I’m trying to take it easier. 🙂

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