Sunday November 2, 2014

I began the day writing another 3000 words for my second chapter. My total is now 6028 words. Then after getting us all fed and ready for the day I took Oliver for his walk. My knees were not happy, but I didn’t want to cheat him. After that, I finished the quilt I’ve been making for my sister and then packaged it ready to ship out tomorrow. Then I just relaxed with my puzzle and a movie. A friend came over to see a TV show I tape for her, which we enjoyed. I’ve modified my Fitbit goals for now–5000 steps, 1 mile, 5 min active. If I manage to exceed that (which I did a bit, especially on the active minutes where I reached 16), fine, but at least I won’t feel as if I’ve fallen way short.

my sister’s quilt
ready to ship
a quiet afternoon
with a new puzzle

2 thoughts on “Sunday November 2, 2014

  1. Everything in moderation… including exercise. Continued success with the novel and everything. 🙂

    I actually have a weight goal. To be what the Doc’s want with clothes on. Amazing how much the shoes and clothes add! Almost 5 extra pounds.

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