Tuesday November 4, 2014

I managed to get another chapter written in and around tutoring. I wrote most of it before my first student and then finished after my second student. Leigh was here pouring the rest of my shower base. It will be brick red, which is sure a lot better than grey. I’ve kept as quiet as possible and at this moment, my knees are a bit more bearable. I cancelled my teaching of the bridge class tomorrow as I really can’t stand and I don’t want to try to get out to the Senior Center. But I’m hoping that gradually I’ll get better and meanwhile I’m so glad for NaNoWriMo! That is a wonderful distraction from pain.

following one another
a new shower base
takes shape
amid barking dogs

4 thoughts on “Tuesday November 4, 2014

  1. Son of Son is following in his father’s foot steps of being 4 going on 40. Not a good day yesterday. Need to have a sit down with son. It was easier when I was in my twenties. I’ll survive. 10-12 hours is a long day with a combative 4 year old. Not sure if I can still blame it on Halloween candy. But Something is going to change.

  2. Ferocious Four. EEk. We used to tease that our son, his daddy was 4 going on 40. Tough road to hoe. But Daddy understands.

    I wonder if hog tying is allowed under the circumstances.
    Just kidding 🙂

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