Friday November 7, 2014

I’ve been getting pretty discouraged that my legs aren’t getting any better, but thankfully things really changed today. I finally got to see my wonderful osteopath, and after a painful but productive session, she found the right diagnosis. My problem is severe tendonitis in both knees. That has resulted in an acute inflammatory response which has worked its way down my legs. Yes, my veins may be a bit compromised from the surgery twenty-five years ago, but the main problem is the way I started jogging and walking too much too fast, and then just kept right on going, toughing it out until I couldn’t stand it anymore. This makes a lot more sense than what I was told before, and so now, I’m to take ibuprofen three times/day, ice two-three times/day, rest (yeah!!), and best of all, no compression socks!! I’ll check back in with her on Monday as I may need more treatment for the swelling, but I do feel as if we are on the right track. I finished another chapter today (NaNoWriMo rocks!), and I am really looking forward to a four day weekend of rest, writing and puzzles!! Also, Leigh says my new shower base is nearly done. I may get to shower again starting on Sunday or Monday.

the week ends
with a four day weekend ahead
lots of time
for NaNoWriMo writing
and my puzzle

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