Saturday November 8, 2014

I wrote over 4000 words today in my eighth chapter. Go NaNoWriMo! The Advil stops working sometime in the middle of the night, making sleeping difficult. However, I’m using the time to craft the next day’s chapter. Maybe it’s not the best plan, but if I’m not sleeping, I can at least slide into my wonderful fantasy world and see what my characters think. Today’s chapter was a direct result of my thoughts when I couldn’t sleep, so it does work. And my characters are so co-operative, telling me what happens next! I’ve had a very quiet day, writing my chapter and a book review, taking a nap, and working on my puzzle. I’ve iced my knees twice already and will ice again before I go to bed. I also got to talk to a friend who called to check on me. So it’s been a good day.

another chapter
icing knees
while adding pieces
to my puzzle