Sunday November 9, 2014

I started the day with another NaNoWriMo chapter and then Leigh called to say that I could now use my shower! Oh wonderful day! After two weeks of using the kitchen sink, I finally got a real shower and it was glorious!! I like the new red concrete base with drain a lot! The boards that were used to frame it will not be removed until Leigh returns at Thanksgiving, but even so, it is all quite magnificent. I have spent a very quiet day, per my osteopath’s instructions, finishing a book and writing another review, my second for this weekend. I also read and commented on a terrific story by a friend of mine. After that I finished my puzzle.

a chapter and
two book reviews
my puzzle

IMG_4919 IMG_4918

2 thoughts on “Sunday November 9, 2014

  1. Your shower looks lovely. I think I might have taken a few out door showers at the beach. Not sure if I’d want to do so in the middle of winter. It was 32 F this morning! Though I do remember reading that a famous older actress always took cold showers. She said they helped to wake her up. I remember dipping into a very cold waterfall in Maui – after awhile your body becomes numb to the cold. But it is even colder getting out!

    Cute puzzle. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jules! I couldn’t manage a cold shower ever. My outside shower only works because I have an abundance of hot water–It’s just like an indoor shower, only outside, just a few steps from my bedroom door. And it also only works because it rarely freezes significantly in my part of the world. 🙂

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