Saturday November 15, 2014

I didn’t know that today’s chapter was going to go the way it did, and it had me in tears as I wrote. I hope my eventual readers will find it as moving. Then I did my Saturday chores and I’m pleased that my knees are functioning once again. They’re still sore, but I can walk pretty normally now, which is a huge improvement. If things keep improving like this, Oliver and I may get to take a short walk in another few days, but I’m not going to rush things. The last three weeks have been too grim to want to chance any relapses. I sewed more strips together and then cut them apart. They get sewed one more time to make nine-patch squares and I hope to do that tomorrow. I think I am going to need more fabric cut, but I thought I’d sew what I have already cut so I can then count the squares for each of the three quilts and see where I am. I also worked a bit on my puzzle.

a bit of this
a bit of that
a few chores
several seams
and some puzzle pieces