Sunday November 16, 2014

I began by writing another chapter in my new novel. I really hope to write close to 80,000 words but I’m not sure exactly where it is going from here. But today’s chapter went well and I’m sure NaNoWriMo magic will work and my characters will bring me clarity. I also sewed a bunch of squares for the three quilts I’m working on. I even was able to cut some more fabric. I think I have nearly all of it now cut. I started a new review mystery and couldn’t put it down, so I finished it and wrote the review instead of working on my puzzle. It has been a very lovely day.

moving more easily
I piece quilt squares
the afternoon
fades away
with a good mystery

2 thoughts on “Sunday November 16, 2014

  1. Yesterday, Sunday was a travel day. By the time I got home, I just wanted to get warm from the chill.
    I dressed in layers so I didn’t have to take a heavy coat.
    I had a lovely warm weekend with my hubby. Back to reality…
    But looking forward to our week escape next month, also in a warm place!

    Best to you, your fur friends and the novel. 🙂

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