Monday November 17, 2014

I spent the morning on my next chapter and things are moving along pretty well, I hope.  Then I paid bills and did other chores before finally deciding I wanted to work a puzzle. I didn’t like the one I started over a week ago as it was way too grey. So I put it away and started a dinosaur puzzle which looks to be lots of fun. It was the first time I haven’t just finished a puzzle anyway, but I thought, this is supposed to be fun and I’d tried all week to get into it without success. The new one will be much more fun.

a morning
spent in writing
another chapter
for NaNoWriMo
a friend visits

2 thoughts on “Monday November 17, 2014

  1. Your statement about putting the puzzle away that didn’t quite work for you and getting another one out resonated with me. One of the lessons I’ve learned over this years is that it’s okay not to complete projects that don’t quite work for me.

  2. Thanks so much, Sheryl, and I’m the same way. So I was really quite proud of myself for just stopping. I gave it a fair try, but it really wasn’t working. I’m loving the dinosaur puzzle I just started. Much better! 🙂

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