Saturday November 29, 2014

I woke up to see a gorgeous snowfall, giant flakes, a total white-out. It’s our first snowfall of this season and it is really beautiful! I love walking barefoot through the snow to my hot tub and shower. I spent most of the day quilting and I now have the three quilts I’m working on nearly completed. They only need to be bound, and I’ve got the binding all ready to go. After that, I started a new puzzle, but I haven’t gotten very far yet.

waking to
the first snowfall
of the season
three quilts
nearly complete


4 thoughts on “Saturday November 29, 2014

  1. We still have some left from our snow storm, but it was 66 F yesterday and I made Little Miss walk – she enjoy it mostly. Though I did have to pick her up some. There will come a time when going out will not be on my agenda 🙂

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