Monday December 1, 2014

My holiday break is over and my regular schedule resumes tomorrow. But it has been a very productive break. I finished the three quilts for my sister to give to my niece, nephew, and nephew-in-law, and I shipped them out to her today. I’ve now started another quilt, and I have the fabric all cut and the first of the squares half sewn. I’ve written a book review, finished one puzzle, and started another. It has been a lovely break and I hope I’ll be ready to resume activities tomorrow. I was thrilled this morning to discover that my shower had thawed (it was frozen yesterday), and hopefully it won’t freeze again either tonight or tomorrow night, which are supposed to be the last of our really cold nights. And my car started this morning as well, so I felt really lucky. I have to get a new battery every winter because I drive so little, and Eglantine barely started last Friday. But Fridays, especially when I get my hair done, are the days I drive the farthest (about 12 miles round trip), so I guess that helped.

another quilt
fabric cut and ready
my shower
no longer frozen

4 thoughts on “Monday December 1, 2014

  1. I barely drive at night anymore and with the sun setting so early I tend to only drive on Saturday when I go grocery shopping.
    I think my car being over 20 years old probably likes staying in the garage 🙂

  2. 🙂

    I kinda like not moving.
    I did look into the fit bit – the model I was looking at was about 100.00. Maybe after we get home from our trip. We usually do up the holidays for the grands – not so much for ourselves anymore. Just eating with family is enough. Because well we end up getting what we need when we need it. Wants – that’s different. My radio went on my car and I’m stuck listening to odd stations… I’ll live.

    If I do have to shop – I like going by myself.
    Sometimes friends encourage you to get or buy things you don’t need.

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