Thursday December 11, 2014

I’ve had a busy day. I tutored a student and then headed off to a meet and greet with a new doctor. I liked her a lot and so have transferred to her. Then I came home and tutored two students and also revised another five chapters of my novel. Tomorrow should hopefully see me finishing it. Then I hope to enter all my changes as well as a cast of characters over the weekend so that it can go off to CreateSpace next week. I also have a quilt to finish so we’ll see how all that goes. My day ended with a lovely visit from a friend. The winds are picking up and we have warnings now for heavy winds until early tomorrow morning, which as one of my students said means that there will be power outages on our small island, which is basically a large rock with some soil on the top. None of the trees have deep roots as a result, so they topple in the winds. I just noticed a small branch on top of my hot tub, which I will move when I go out for my evening soak.

the work week
winds down
editing my novel
a friend
stops by