Tuesday December 16, 2014

Well, the last week of school before the break is well underway. All my students came with no cancellations so I had five tutoring sessions. In between I managed to wrap the holiday gifts for my daughter and son-in-law and I’ll take them to be shipped out tomorrow. I’m glad I don’t have any others to ship. I received a wonderful gift today from a friend, a lovely 1500 piece puzzle with a mountain scene, including a lake with reflections, and I look forward to working it down the road.

another student
copes with
the quadratic formula
yard clean-up
after the storm

4 thoughts on “Tuesday December 16, 2014

  1. Hope the winds haven’t been too bad. My yard got cleaned up today after all the many wind storms we’ve had lately and it’s looking good. Hope we don’t have more storms for a bit, at least.

  2. Weather for our holidays is rain…
    We still have clean up from when the tree in the back of our yard got hammered. But at least it is out of the creek now…

    Still haven’t put up a fire in my fire place yet. Waiting for when the little ones aren’t here. While there is a glass door – the younger one is just a tad too young to take chances with. And the fireplace is more or less in her ‘Playroom’. 🙂

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