Wednesday December 17, 2014

I got Pamela’s presents shipped out this morning and then tutored one student, taught my bridge class, ran an errand, and then tutored two more students. Then I decided I’d work on my puzzle for a bit and I found I couldn’t stop. I was pleased to finish it, but it is later than I wanted, especially since right after I finished one of my cats coughed up a hairball on my bed. So now I have clean sheets on my bed and my quilt is in the washing machine. I’ll be up for awhile until it is both washed and dried. I’m glad that tomorrow is the last day before break, although it will be a long one. Still after that I get two weeks off. My students and I are all very easily distracted.

after tutoring
a chance to relax
with my puzzle
unwilling to stop
until it’s complete


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