Thursday December 18, 2014

I’ve now finished tutoring for the calendar year. I had three students today and in between sessions I went over to Minglement and picked up my order of six cases of edamame and 3 cases of Boca Nuggets, and I’m now set for the next ten or eleven weeks. My freezers are filled to capacity and I love that. I had a lovely visit with one of my former students, a young man who graduated last year and is now at Evergreen, doing very well indeed. I’ve also started another puzzle. The rain has been heavy, but we’re all inside, warm and cozy, so that’s fine.

it’s official
no more tutoring
until next year
time for puzzles
and quilting

6 thoughts on “Thursday December 18, 2014

  1. I’ve got until the middle of next Tuesday – Then I think my ‘Work’ starts back up Jan 5th.
    Looking forward to it. As yesterday was a long day with both – Son of Son didn’t nap and had a minor ‘blow out’.
    But four year old’s without a nap can get a tad cranky.

    There were some very good moments though. All three of us helped to build a huge bridge/tunnel with all of the Mega Blocks that I acquired (via yard sales and charity shops). About 300 pieces of various sizes. Enough to almost fill a standard plastic storage tub. Son of Son started out trying to build a tunnel for the Mega Blocks train to go under. And he did a good job figuring out how to support it. Then he added to it and I helped make it sturdy. Then he got the idea to put all the blocks on top of the span. Little Miss kept going to the tub and pulling out a single piece and putting it on top. Ended up with three different ‘Tunnels’ for different size ‘cars’. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t have Son of Son on Friday and I’m quite surprised that Little Miss hasn’t knocked it over yet. I told my grandson we might have to build a new one – since these blocks are really his sisters size. But she is getting over his cold and is a tad slow today. And well the day isn’t over yet…

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