Sunday December 21, 2014

Happy Solstice!! I’ve had a lovely day. I finished one puzzle and have now started the holiday puzzle that I want to be able to show my granddaughter on Wednesday when they visit. I also took Oliver for a walk and we went farther than we ever have, for a mile long walk. We went into the wooded area by the schools and then got spooked when a runner raced past us. But it was fun although I think Oliver prefers the more open area of the side street. Then a friend came over to watch a couple holiday movies.

one puzzle
and starting another
a friend stops by
for holiday movies


3 thoughts on “Sunday December 21, 2014

  1. We took it slow yesterday and saw the latest Night at the Museum movie.
    Counting the days… to warm sand. It was/is 19F this morning… brrr.
    Stay warm. πŸ™‚

    I tried getting a fit bit… but it just wouldn’t load. So we returned it. 😦

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