Monday December 22, 2014

I wrote a book review and then Oliver and I went for our longest walk so far, 1.73 miles round trip. We walked farther in the woods and got to jump over three logs, walk on a plank bridge, and skirt some really muddy spots. I was so proud of Oliver. He took it all in stride. It was a fun walk and we will certainly do it again. Then I worked on my puzzle. I kept checking for my mail, but it appears as if for the second time this month the carrier didn’t complete her route. I’m on the very end of the route and they have a new substitute. My regular carrier would never fail to deliver. Doesn’t seem fair at all, and I was expecting an Amazon package, but I guess that’s the way it goes.

three logs
a long walk
in the woods
with my dog

3 thoughts on “Monday December 22, 2014

  1. I get my mail late in the day. And have been trying for years to get off lists. But as you say when you are expecting something and all you get is an empty mailbox…
    Hope you get it today.

  2. Mine always comes late as I’m almost at the end of my route.
    Glad you got your package. I didn’t even hear our carrier – he left a package and my mail at my door! 🙂
    Nice to not have to have to go and pick it up, have a delay or have it sit in the rain.
    There are some very nice folks about.

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