Wednesday December 24, 2014

I have had the most wonderful Christmas Eve! Eric, Kelly, and Josie arrived around 10 this morning and stayed until after 4. Josie put together the Santa on my puzzle, and Eric and Kelly helped us as well. Then with Kelly’s help, Josie and I built a gingerbread house. We took a trip to Island Quilter where I gifted Kelly and Josie their picks of fabric, and then we had lunch at The Hardware Store. We returned home to cut more fabric that Josie had picked from my stash and while Josie, Kelly, and I were doing that, Eric sorted out my music woes so I now have all my ‘lost music’ and I understand how I can play it through my stereo. He also introduced me to Amazon Music, where my prime membership lets me play lots of music for free. Then we finally got to the presents and I think everyone was very happy with their gifts. All in all, it was a fantastic visit. After they left, I took Oliver for a walk before it got too dark. We took a different path through the woods and went about 1.5 miles. Then I finished the last few pieces of my puzzle so that I can start a new one tomorrow, when I plan to have a very quiet Christmas, enjoying the memories of this wonderful day.

a holiday visit
from my family
sharing a puzzle
building a gingerbread house
opening presents

One thought on “Wednesday December 24, 2014

  1. I think I got a good trade for the fit bit that didn’t work.
    My 20 year old car radio was well loosing its voice. I was down to two channels on FM and two on AM.
    Hubby got me a new car radio and ‘smarty pants’ is working on installing it 🙂

    So glad you had such a day of wonderful memories.
    Today we’ll be visiting my younger son’s sort of in-laws… his fiancees sister and her hubby.
    Then we will begin our adventure…(see today’s 12.25.14 post).

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