Thursday December 25, 2014

I’ve had a lovely day and I still have a few presents to unwrap but I’m saving them for after my dinner. I did write a book review after getting to sleep in and then walking 5000 steps in 30 min. After I finished the review I took Oliver for his walk. We have a lovely time. We spotted a horse running loose and Oliver was really curious about this strange animal. Then we went into the woods and we kept changing paths every time we came across a really muddy or wet spot. The result was that we walked nearly three miles before we got home. Both of us enjoyed the longer walk, and I now have 12,257 steps, 5.71 miles, and 76 active minutes, one of my best days ever. Once home I started watching Christmas movies and working a new puzzle. It has been a lovely day.

my dog and I
hiking in the woods
avoiding muddy spots
getting turned around
finishing nearly three miles