Friday December 26, 2014

I had to negotiate with customer service over an e-book gift I’d received. Apparently the certificate wasn’t correctly issued, but eventually, after a lot of time on hold, being switched around from one agent to another, and so forth, I think it has been resolved. Today I decided to try walking both Poosa and Oliver as Poosa always looks so eager when Oliver and I leave for a walk. It was more of a challenge to walk two dogs, but they were both very good and we had a great time. I think Poosa helped Oliver as he didn’t want to walk past a really large boulder but when he saw Poosa walk past it, he followed. So I think from now on, I’ll take both of them. Chauncey is really too old to handle our adventures, so I suspect he’d rather sleep at home when we’re out. Once we returned after walking 2.25 miles, I switched to working my puzzle instead. The day has ended well.

with customer service
an unexpected visit
from a friend
brightens the day