Saturday December 27, 2014

Today is my 69th birthday and I’ve had a lovely day. After finishing my weekly chores, I took Oliver for a walk (Poosa wasn’t interested) and we found a couple new trails in the woods, one that had us a bit lost, but Oliver found the way out. Then I met my dear friend Anja who took me out for lunch and then gave me some cool presents. I came home to find the monitor I ordered to go with my laptop. Eric told me how that could all work, so that I wouldn’t be restricted to the laptop screen (thank you so much, Eric), and I’m now totally in love with the 24″ screen, which is even bigger than the monitor I had on my old computer that died in July. It is wonderful! Then and spent a delightful afternoon watching Maleficent, a movie I’ve been saving just for today. I really enjoyed it. Now I’m going to have my sauna/hot tub time and then feed us all. After I eat my dinner, I have a substantial pile of presents to open, most of which are from my daughter and her husband. So the wonders of the day continue.

a walk with my dog
lunch with a friend
watching a movie
and working a puzzle
a perfect birthday

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