Wednesday December 31, 2014

Another year is coming to a close. I wrote a recommendation for one of my senior’s scholarship application and then walked Oliver in the woods, with frozen leaves crunching beneath my feet. At least it made the mud less hazardous. Then I cut nearly all the fabric for the three graduation quilts I’m working on so I felt good about that. I really do have to get going on them. After that I relaxed with my puzzle. I’m really hoping that my mail delivery returns to normal after tomorrow. These late night deliveries are getting old, especially when it is so cold and dark. And I really feel for the poor carriers. At least I’m home and warm. It hasn’t come yet at 6PM, but I’ll check once more before I give it up until tomorrow. I do have a really cool flashlight to guide me on my way, a gift from a friend, and so that makes it safer and more fun.

a recommendation
for a senior
frozen ground
beneath my feet