Sunday January 4, 2015

Today was another quilting marathon day. I quilted for about five hours today (and three hours yesterday but I had weekly chores to do first). I now have two quilt tops completed, their backs sewn, and everything pinned together ready for quilting. I also cut, sewed, and pressed the binding so it is ready as well. With any luck, tomorrow will see the completion of these two quilts, leaving me with just one to go. And that one has most of the squares completed. I’m just waiting for one more piece of information about the recipient and I’ll be able to finish it, maybe next weekend. I worked a little on my puzzle, did my 10,000 steps inside since it is raining, and sent in a book review, so it has been a very productive day.

two quilt tops
sewing the backs
and pinning them
preparing the binding
another quilting day