Thursday January 8, 2015

Last night was exciting as Oliver decided to attack Chauncey and Chauncey ended up with a sliced ear. I was really upset, especially since I thought Oliver was done with these antics, and this was the first time he’d drawn blood. Apparently it has something to do with Chauncey’s advanced age and a male dominance thing. Chauncey honestly doesn’t care who is alpha dog so I don’t really see why Oliver can’t just leave him alone. Anyway, I managed to bandage the ear, which of course bled profusely. Then first thing this morning I called the vet’s office and they had me bring Chauncey right in. Dr. Nell was very impressed with my bandage as she says that ears are really hard. I’d done exactly the right thing. Then she decided that there was time for Oliver too, as I wanted his canine teeth removed so that he can’t bite Chauncey anymore. Turns out Oliver, who has very few teeth anyway, needed a cleaning, so he got his few molars cleaned, and three teeth, including one canine, removed. The other two remaining canine teeth will be taken care of by a special animal dentist in a month or so. A friend will take Oliver with her when she takes her dog. And the remaining canine teeth will be cut down and capped. But the removal of today’s, which was badly decayed and needed to come out anyway, means that the two remaining are on opposite sides of Oliver’s mouth so he shouldn’t be able to tear Chauncey’s ear again even so. And as Dr. Nell said, his mouth will be sore now which means he won’t be likely to bite anything. So my morning routine got changed up and since I didn’t have any students until 1PM and since I was so upset by the whole vet situation, I used the unexpected free morning to paint the white wardrobe in my bedroom so that it is now bright blue. Chauncey’s ear got stitched and the bump on the top of his head which Oliver also caught, was removed. After I was done tutoring my four students, I was able to pick up both Oliver and Chauncey and they are now back home and I’m sure interested in dinner as neither got breakfast. I was really lucky that my vet could do everything today and take care of both dogs. She’ll be here tomorrow at my home for the annual feline shots/exams on Thackeray (easy to catch) and Laoise (not easy at all to catch), so tomorrow will be more fun and games.

the wardrobe
in my bedroom
four students

8 thoughts on “Thursday January 8, 2015

  1. Eek. Glad that everything got taken care of. All I have at the moment are plants (that stay) and Grands that visit.
    And well I’m not counting the wild critters. I did get to see the hawk again. I wonder if he’ll make a nest in the willow?
    Hugs, Jules

  2. Thanks, Lydia (new way to spell that, huh!), and Chauncey seems totally oblivious to it all. He now has cute pink stitches and he is just his usual laid back self. Oliver is nursing a sore mouth, I’m sure, but he too seems fine and happy. But it was very scary! 🙂

  3. Yeah that is weird! Should be an autofill. Anyway, thanks for stopping by both times and thanks for the great postcard which I got awhile ago and keep forgetting to thank you for. It is lovely and it’s so fun to get snail mail!

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