Friday January 9, 2015

I’m tired after a very long day, but everything has worked out nicely. First thing this morning I moved the last of the cat furniture that would have allowed access to the high cat walkways, in preparation for Laoise’s annual vet check-up. Then I met with my life coach, got my hair cut and colored, and got home just before the vet visit. Laoise was sitting in a cat tower and I was able to catch her and put her into Poosa’s large dog crate. Then I caught Thackeray, who is easy to catch, and put him in with her. Dr. Nell arrived about a half-hour later and during that wait, I got all the cat furniture which I’d been moving around all week in preparation for this event, back in place. Laoise was good as gold for her appointment. She really is very sweet, just hard to catch. Once I was able to release her, she headed for her closet and I haven’t seen her since, but hopefully she’ll forgive me soon. Then it was Thackeray’s turn and he yelled and screamed and twisted and made a big fuss, but between me, Dr. Nell, and Joel, the vet tech, we managed to give him his shots, check his teeth and ears, listen to his heart, and then take blood for his annual physical. He is now sitting in the sauna waiting for me. Once all that was over, I headed out to our First Friday Art Walk, something I almost never do, to stop at the Blue Heron where a friend had some of her paintings on display as part of a cat themed event. I stayed for nearly half an hour, but I’m more than ready to call it quits now. It’s been quite a week, but everything is fine now, thankfully.

a day packed
with appointments
the vet arrives
annual check-ups
for two cats

2 thoughts on “Friday January 9, 2015

  1. I think it is, Sabra. Usually I prefer my Friday nights at home, but I wanted to support my friend. There was a big crowd at the one stop I visited on the walk, so it definitely is a popular event, the first Friday of every month, year round!

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