Wednesday January 14, 2015

I tutored two students this morning. Last week I’d explained to my first student the benefits of the quadratic equation since it always works and she fell in love with it, using it on all problems, even those which were easy to factor. That would have been fine except that she made various errors with it every time. It is a pain to work with, but she thinks it’s wonderful so now I have to teach her how to deal with the radical. I guess I was a bit overenthusiastic about it and now I have to deal with the results! After my morning tutoring I headed to the Senior Center to teach my bridge class. Then I came home and wrote two book reviews and revised another chapter of my novel. My afternoon student had to cancel, so I worked some on my puzzle but I’m tired and ready to call it a day.

a student to use
the quadratic equation
comes back
to haunt me

4 thoughts on “Wednesday January 14, 2015

  1. Thanks, Elaine, and there are days when I struggle to get a post, but there it is. If I ever do skip, I might not get back to it. Glad you stop by! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, Jules, and as a teacher I do have to watch what I say. This student will figure it out, and new tools are always tricky, but I had no idea what my comment would result in. Now I have to get her sorted in a different way. I’ve never before had a student who actually liked the quadratic equation, but there’s a first for everything. πŸ™‚

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