Thursday January 15, 2015

The day started way too early for my liking, but I had to have Laoise caught and in a carrier by 8AM so at 6:45 I got up and began my search. She was happily sleeping in her bed on a high shelf in a closet. I got out my step ladder, and very quietly and quickly opened the closet door, got up the ladder, and grabbed her. She is a rather large cat and I’m not the best at scruffing anyway, but I wasn’t about to let go as then there would be no hope. With some careful wrestling (remember I was on a step ladder), I got her down and into the carrier. She then proceeded to tell me how unhappy she was about it all, and she carried on until nearly 8:30 when Dr. Nell arrived to take her to Fair Isle. They needed a urine sample to decide what to do with her thyroid as her thyroid readings came back as being very high. Once Laoise was off to the vet, I started my day in earnest. I had four students and during my breaks I edited another chapter, so it was a good day. When my last student left, I headed up to get Laoise. Once home, she took off for parts unknown (probably her closet), and I probably won’t see her for awhile.

a protesting cat
for a day at the vet
a student suddenly
gets geometry

2 thoughts on “Thursday January 15, 2015

  1. I agree, Libby, and I don’t think dogs are much happier with the vet, but at least they don’t get stuffed into carriers. Laoise is sleeping on my bed at the moment so I think I’m forgiven (as long as I don’t do that again any time soon!). 🙂

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