Friday January 16, 2015

I had a couple of appointments today but before I went to them, I talked with my vet and we’ve decided to wait on any thyroid treatment for Laoise because she is very plump and would only get fatter with no thyroid, and her blood pressure is low, so she doesn’t seem at risk for anything as her thyroid isn’t that high. This means that I can relax about Laoise for awhile and concentrate on finishing Oliver’s dental stuff. After my appointments I came home and wrote a book review and edited another chapter in my book. I think I’m doing a better job on the editing by doing only a chapter a day. I was pleased that the new puzzle table I asked my great handyman to build was finished and delivered today. I now have a blue table which is 36″ x 48″ and there is a matching piece of plexiglass which fits exactly on it. I can now do puzzles up to 3000 pieces if I want and meanwhile, there are no edges hanging over or bumps in the table. It will be great not only for puzzles but also for tutoring. I got to work on my puzzle for a bit after the table was delivered. I also cut the last of the fabric for the final mid-year graduation quilt, a quilt I plan to finish this weekend as the semester ends next Friday.

with our vet
devising a plan
for the last
graduation quilt