Saturday January 17, 2015

I worked hard today, getting my weekly chores done as well as sewing most of the final graduation quilt. I pieced the top, sewed the back, pinned it, quilted it, squared it, sewed the binding, and bound it. I now have all of the mid-year quilts completed. Nan will be picking them up either tomorrow or Monday, so I wanted to be sure to have them ready for her. I also edited another chapter. A friend stopped by for a chat, which was lovely. No puzzle time today, but that’s OK as I got a lot done. Eric is running in the HURT 100 ultra long distance endurance run, and the last posting has him with 40 miles completed (60 more to go!). I hope he is enjoying it.

finishing the last
mid-year graduation quilt
a friend stops by
for a catch-up chat
sharing news

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