Sunday January 18, 2015

The power went out just after midnight and didn’t come back on again until 8:30AM. My generator is right outside my bedroom window, so we had that to listen to all night. It was the first time since I had the generator installed several years ago that the power has been off for more than a few minutes. It’s comforting to know that it works well. I’ve spent the weekend following Eric’s progress in the HURT 100 ultra trail run and he did brilliantly with a time of 28:41:41, coming in 14th out of 120 participants! Great job, Eric! I’m sure he’s happy with his results. The race is run in Hawaii and is one of the tougher 100 mile races, although, of course, none of them are easy. While he was doing that I edited another chapter, wrote a book review, and walked my daily 10,000 steps. Then a friend came over and we watched the Rose Parade. I’d taped it on New Year’s Day when I also watched it, but she had missed it. It was a very nice parade this year. While I watched, I also got to work on my puzzle, which felt very nice since I hadn’t gotten to do anything on it yesterday.

my son runs
100 miles
in 28:41:41 hours
while I walked
20,000 steps

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