Tuesday January 20, 2015

This has been an extremely busy day! I was up at 6am so that I could get my walking in and feed everyone, do the sauna and hot tub, and shower and dress before 9am when my handyman came to shorten the legs on my new puzzle table (it was about 1 1/4″ too high). The table is now perfect! While that was happening, I edited another chapter of my novel. Then starting at 10am I had a constant stream of students, a total of 7, many worried about finals. I’m definitely done for the day!

another chapter
seven students
back to back
final exams

4 thoughts on “Tuesday January 20, 2015

  1. Thanks, Jules. I don’t get to care for my granddaughter, so I have the time for these students. You have a much fuller plate than I and I admire you for what you do as well. 🙂

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