Friday January 23, 2015

I had an appointment and then stopped by Island Quilter to say hi to Anja. Of course I found more fabric. Then I came home and edited another chapter before switching to my puzzle. I also shifted a few things in my living room for a different look. Dr. Nell finally had time to get back to me and she’s set aside her entire surgery time on Thursday morning for Oliver so that we can finally get the last of his canines (2 of them) and the lower front teeth removed, so that we won’t have any more torn ears, etc. I’ll be relieved when it’s done and glad that Dr. Nell can do it so that no one has to take Oliver all the way to the dental vet. I’m glad that it’s now all set. One less thing hanging in the air undecided.

stopping by
to see a friend
finding more fabric
the vet calls
dental surgery set

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