Saturday January 31, 2015

I did my weekly chores and edited a chapter in my book (six more to go), all the time keeping track of my son, Eric, as he runs in the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail race. According to the web site, he’s completed three loops (60 miles) with two remaining. I’m amazed that he can do this after running in the HURT 100 two weeks ago! Dr. Nell came out for a vet visit to check on Oliver and then look at Chauncey who’s skin has gotten really bad. She took a culture and in the meantime, Chauncey’s on the same antibiotic as Oliver since their skin issues look the same. I made some nice progress on my puzzle, as well, but it’s getting late and I need to call it a day.

following my son
via the internet
Rocky Raccoon 100
three laps so far
two more ahead

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