Monday February 2, 2015

I slept in and then worked on another chapter of my book. I debated back and forth about attending the new student orientation at Student Link. I really don’t like meetings, and I’ve already had very nice individual meetings with three of the four students. I really didn’t see the point of going, but I finally told Nan I would come as she was really set on it. Well, it turns out that the fourth student had already committed to work with the other math tutor, and in fact had started with him, so the whole thing was rather pointless from my perspective. I’m very glad she found a fit because I don’t have any more spots anyway, another reason why I didn’t want to go in. But there it is, and at least it is over. I did get to work on my puzzle so that was nice.

a quiet afternoon
broken up with
a meeting
rains instead
of snow

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