Friday February 6, 2015

For the last two days I’ve done my 10,000 steps/ 5 miles/ 60+ active minutes all in one session in the morning after feeding my fur friends and before I do my sauna/ hot tub/ shower routine and that feels really nice. But today my orthotics which I’ve had for over 10 years, fell apart. Thankfully a friend suggested that they could be recovered so I called my old foot doctor and they agreed that I could mail my orthotics to them and they would refurbish them and then mail them back! No leaving the island required! I got them off in today’s mail and hopefully I’ll have them back next week. After that, I edited the final chapter of my novel. Now I need to do a complete reading from the beginning to the end to be sure that all the additions I’ve made flow well, and then it’s back to the publishers for a proof copy. Then I spent the remainder of my afternoon working on my new puzzle and I’ve made a good start on it.

editing the last chapter
needing only
one more reading
making a good start
on my new puzzle