6 thoughts on “February 13, 2015

  1. You are turning off your furnace. I’m cranking up t he heat. We are expecting about 3 inches of cold white flakes this evening. And it isn’t exactly too bright at eight this morning.

  2. I woke to 5 F with a real feel of -24 F and a maybe an inch or so of snow with high winds…Brrr.
    I’m not going out to get the paper or scrape the drive until it gets just a bit warmer!

  3. It got down to 1 F but at 7 am this morning it was up to 5 F.
    That was the house thermostat for outside. The computer is saying the local temp is – 1 F with a real feel of -19 F. And some snow due this evening.

    I am layered again today. Six weeks until spring… I am so ready!

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