Tuesday February 17, 2015

I finished editing my novel and have sent it back to the publisher. Now I will wait for the interior proof. I added 6731 words to my original version and I now have 104,378 words and 389 pages! Then I switched to quilting and I’ve finished the top to my current quilt. It is definitely bright, colorful, and full of dragons although I don’t think it’s a true collage. Not sure I’ve ever done one of those, so I lack experience, but I like what I have, and since it’s for me, that’s all that counts. I received a difficult e-mail which has thrown me, so I’m watching The Producers over and over again as I work on my puzzle. I’m not sure why I find it a comforting movie, but I do.

finishing the edit
sending my novel
back to the publisher
piecing the last
of my quilt top