Friday February 20, 2015

I really need to have a hair cut and color and that was supposed to happen today, but my stylist got sick. So I whacked off my bangs so I could see, and now I have to wait two weeks (I can only do Fridays, and only every other one of those). The bonus of this was a much quieter day. I had an appointment in the morning and then came home and spent the entire afternoon on my puzzle. I’m beginning to think I might actually get it finished before break ends, as it is coming together faster now. And I have wandering puzzle pieces, so I’m not sure the puzzle will end up with all its pieces, but I really have to be OK with that now and again. I’m looking forward to a very quiet weekend, as I’m beginning to get anxious about resuming my regular schedule on Tuesday. This break has not been as relaxing as I’d hoped with a number of stressful events happening, but with any luck, nothing else will occur before Tuesday.

after an appointment
an afternoon
of puzzling
the end of the break
all too close